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Disaster Resistance

ICFs are the single most effective way to achieve disaster resistance.  After every Natural Disaster, they prove that they will protect your family.  Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, Earthquakes & Fires are no match for this resistance.

 Additional proof of this resistance is a community in Guam.  This community was built in 1963 - each home was a concrete “shell” (walls, floor & roof).  Since 1963, the island of Guam has been hit with numerous Typhoons (Hurricanes), some with wind gusts of over 240 mph.  Guam regularly reports earthquakes - in 1993 it suffered a devastating magnitude 8.1 earthquake.  NONE of the “shell” homes built  over 50 years ago have suffered any damage from these natural disasters.  Click HERE for more information by some of our colleagues.

Safe Design can be achieved with several methods - here are a few:

Growing up on the edge of “Tornado Alley”, Disaster Resistant Design is a personal passion for Robert Klob, he has seen the devastation first hand.

Let us help protect your family!

Design Safe with ICFs RKD Start Page

Links for Safe Design Resources

Check with your local government to find specific agencies in your area.




Drunk Driver

ICF Safe Room Addition Design for

an Existing Wood Frame Home.

Tornado Resistance (FoxBlocks)

ICF Safe Room - Moore Oklahoma (FoxBlocks)

ICF Home - After Hurricane Katrina (ICF Builder)

After Hurricane Sandy (Logix)

After Hurricane Sandy (Logix)

San Diego California (ICF Builder Magazine)

Bedroom wall hit @ 90mpph