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Insulated Concrete Forms

Consulting Services

Custom Home Design Services

Cus·tom,  adjective,   \’kəs-təm\

: made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person.

Our designs are made to fit how your family lives, your lifestyle and your budget.  Small or large, you get the same dedicated service.

Services RKD Start Page

For over 20 years the staff at Robert Klob Designs have offered a variety of services to fit each customer and their needs.

Below is a list of our most requested services, click on the one that best describes your needs.

If you need a service that is not listed - call us.

RKD  is a proven leader when it comes to designing just about anywhere our clients need us.  From Paris, Texas to Paris, France & Alaska to Zimbabwe, we can help.  We offer the same great professional service and attention to detail across the globe.

Working with builders on production home design (or as its commonly referenced - tract homes).  These designs are unique and must create a symbiotic relationship between the builders profits and their customers needs.  We have over 15 years experience in designing Production Homes.

Love your location, just not your home?  Does your home need to be brought into this century?  We can help create that dream design like you see on television.  Our clients are amazed what we can do with their existing homes and the potential they have.

Remodel/Addition Design Services

Production Home Design Services

Global Home Design Services

On one point of the triangle is PRICE, another is SIZE, the third is DETAIL.

If PRICE remains fixed,

DETAIL goes down as SIZE goes up.

Conversely, as SIZE goes down,

the level of DETAIL goes up and so forth.

Unless you have an unlimited budget you will always get two of the three points but you will have to compromise on one point

– usually either size or detail.

Design Triangle

We understand that not all projects need complete professional design services,

Sometimes they just need a little extra help.

RKD offers general consulting services too!

Architect, Engineer, Designer or Drafter

ICF Training

Speaking, Lectures & Articles

Global DesignProduction Home DesignRemodels & Additions

Do you have a very limited schedule or need a design quickly? Or have you dreamed of having that 1 on 1 personal service to design you new home?

As an added service, Robert Klob will travel to your site and stay for up to a week and work only on the design of your new home.  

On-Site Design Services

On-Site Design

RKD has worked with dozens of owner-builders.  While we always recommend that you should utilize the services of a Contractor, many people have the ability to do it yourself.  

As an added service, RKD will help navigate through the pitfalls, logistics, negotiations & the scheduling of building your own home.  

Owner-Builder Consulting Services

Owner-Builder Custom v Stock

Do you really save that much money buying the Stock Home Plans on the Internet? Click here to see an analysis

Custom v Stock Custom Design Specialty Services...

Do you have questions like

these, or others?

Call  Robert, he can help!